[Tanglu-announce] Logo voting is open!

Matthias Klumpp matthias at tenstral.net
Mon Apr 1 11:48:16 EDT 2013

Hi everyone!
The logo voting is open now!
Here are the rules: Every member of the Tanglu-Announce or
Tanglu-Devel mailinglist can vote. You have to provide your email
address in the form, so this can be verified. (This also is a great
spam protection and it will hopefully prevent someone changing the
Artists will be allowed the alter their proposals slightly, after
voting is done! This involves e.g. small changes in colour schemes or
tiny shape modifications. Huge modifications which change the overall
appearance of the logo are of course not allowed.
Please keep that in mind when voting!
Also, I am very sorry for all the artists who haven't submitted
proposals to the wiki page - I've seen some pretty cool proposals on
IRC, but I was not able to recover all of them and add them to the
Wiki page. In the end, that would have been a responsibility of the
people who created that artwork, and since the deadline was known, I
am fine with doing the voting now.

So, for voring, here we go:
(yes, a Google form - nothing better was available, and this is the
easiest way of voting for now)
Please look at the wiki page: http://wiki.tanglu.org/logo-proposals
and also follow the links to the artist's pages for more proposals and
some variations of their logos.

If there is no explicit winner (at least two have a similar amount of
votes), we will do a second round of voting between the top-3, and
whoever gets the most votes, wins.


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