[Tanglu-announce] Wiki is alive again, new list for Tanglu users, Debian Derivatives Census, buildd

Matthias Klumpp matthias at tenstral.net
Sun Apr 21 12:19:45 EDT 2013

Hi everyone!
Quite a few things to announce:

1) The wiki lives!
As some of you might have noticed, we had sever problems with our Wiki
(people (accidentially?) deleted graphics, translations were not
intuitive, etc...)
The issues are now resolved and the new Wiki is online. Everything was
migrated, except for user-accounts, which means that you will have to
re-register to edit pages.

2) Tanglu mailinglists
We have a few more mailinglists!
tanglu-devel-discuss: General discussion about development stuff and
questions from unsers directed at developers.

tanglu-users: General-purpose list for discussions about using Tanglu.

tanglu-project: Keyring changes and project-administration stuff will
be directed here

3) DEX
Tanglu is now part of the Debian Derivatives Census and DEX.
This will help a lot in further improving the relation to Debian, and
it will help merging changes back if possible. Also, DEX improves the
overall quality of the Tanglu archive, by spotting problems early and
by creating a diff between the Tanglu and the Debian archives.
For more information, see:

4) buildd
The first archive build has been completed, the archive should now be
in a consistent state.
Currently, our kernel is building, and I hope that we can show you the
first working Tanglu ISO image soon ;-)

That's it for now!

Debian Developer | Freedesktop-Developer
KDE-Developer    | GNOME-Contributor

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