[Tanglu-announce] Welcome a new service: qa.tgl.o!

Matthias Klumpp matthias at tenstral.net
Thu Aug 29 02:51:53 EDT 2013


Today, the Tanglu QA service has been launched, providing lots of
useful information about Tanglu packages and their dependencies.
The services it offers include:
 * Staging migration status
 * Broken dependencies in aequorea
 * A broken-build-dependency-list of staging
 * Lists of the sync status of packages, as well as their latest
upstream version
 * Germinate output
More stuff will follow.
Some of the scripts generating the package-watch pages are adapted
versions from Ubuntu, and they still have some bugs and LP references.
This will all get fixed within the next days.
Also, new services are planned.
As always: You can help improving this stuff ;-)
The data is available at http://qa.tanglu.org/

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