[Tanglu-announce] Staging, and QA++

Matthias Klumpp matthias at tenstral.net
Sun Jul 28 20:23:07 EDT 2013

Today, I enabled the "staging" area for the Tanglu archive. What is it good for?
In the past, many of the automatic merges from Debian broke the Tanglu
package set, and packages reached the archive without being fully
built. That resulted in a very unstable state of the aequorea suite,
our current Tanglu development branch.
Also, every upload, in order to be built, required a full
re-generation of the distribution indices, which took a long time.
Therefore, if you had bad luck, processing a Tanglu upload could take
~30min, which is acceptable, but we can do better.

All of these issues get solved with our new package staging area.
Every upload to aequorea will now be uploaded to the "staging" suite,
where the package can be built and tested. If it does not break
anything, the package is moved to the current Tanglu development
version (at time, this is aequorea).
Currently, we do not apply a delay for new packages, but later it is
planned to add a 2-4 days delay before packages are moved.
The staging area also allows us to give people access to the archive
more easily, because staging makes is possible to test and peer-review
packages before they enter the main distribution. But staging is not
intended to be used as experimental suite, so please test everything
before you upload it, and only make sane uploads!

During a transition phase, uploads to aequorea will still be accepted.
Later, uploads to aequorea will automatically be mapped to staging.

Internally, we use a modified version of Britney, the tool which
handles the unstable->testing migration at Debian.
If you want to take a look at the package-states in staging, you can
access the excuses page:

If you have further questions, feel free to ask on tanglu-devel!
Some personal note: I will travel around the next months, so it might
take some time before I can answer emails, and I might not be able to
work on Tanglu infrastructure as much as I did before. So, please be
patient if mail replies are delayed, or if I can not do changes on the
infrastructure quickly. (but there are always other people you can
ask, for most of the questions - simply ask!)

Kind regards,
    Matthias Klumpp

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