[Tanglu-announce] Logo contest: Deadline and voting

Matthias Klumpp matthias at tenstral.net
Wed Mar 27 09:02:00 EDT 2013

During the last weeks we got many awesome logo proposals, which raised
the question how we would decide which one to take.
I currently have a clear favourite, but just deciding which one to
take on my own would be against the strong community-involvement we
want in Tanglu, and also be very unfair to everyone who contributed
logo proposals so far. Voting, however, has the problem that it can
easily be manipulated, as we don't have a list of official Tanglu
members yet. We discussed this issue and came up with the following
 * We will accept more logo proposals until next Sunday night (31.March)
 * All proposals will be listed on the Wiki page[1] - please check if
yours can be seen there!
 * On Monday (1. April) we will set up a voting for members of the
tanglu-devel mailinglist (and maybe at this stage tanglu-announce too)
 * The logo proposal which gets the most votes will win - if there is
no very clear majority for one logo to be seen, we will do a second
round of voting, between the three logos which got most votes.
 * First round of voting will take place for at least two or three
days. We will announce a deadline for that.

I hope everyone is fine with that :-)
Kind regards,

[1]: http://wiki.tanglu.org/logo-proposals

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KDE-Developer    | GNOME-Contributor

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