[Tanglu-announce] Distribution build infrastructure completed

Matthias Klumpp matthias at tenstral.net
Thu May 16 17:37:34 EDT 2013

Hello everyone!
Today I can make a really exciting announcement: The Tanglu GNU/Linux
build infrastructure has been completed, and is fully operational.
This means that the build system is now capable of:
 * storing information about the build state of *all* Tanglu packages
 * auto-updating all package information
 * resolving package build dependencies, and determining if a package
can be built
 * automatic build-triggering
 * automatic package uploads to the main archive server
 * source-only-upload builds
 * automatic Lintian checks (but without UI, this still needs to be created)

I implemented the remaining bits last night, and the system is
currently online for a test-run, happily building packages and
resolving dependency-chains automatically.
The automatic dependency-solving allows us to do bigger transitions,
like shipping an up-to-date GNOME and KDE. It also saves a lot of
building power, and makes QA a lot easier, as we can now easily find
packages which are in dependency-wait.

However, the new system is not perfect: It sometimes has an incredibly
long response time, and Jenkins still misses some features we need. I
will ask the Jenkins devs about these things later, and if we are
lucky, they might take care of a whishlist-bug. (Also, I don't think
that having a Jenkins instance with ~24000 jobs justifies a request
for better performance...) However, the system is a working solution,
and we can survive with it for a long time. It also offers some cool
features no other distribution currently has, like live-buildlogs
(maybe in OpenSUSE?) and advanced analysis of buildlogs for warnings.

To improve performance and to offer some advanced features, I will
soon make Jenkins run on the Jetty Servlet container (It will
*hopefully* improve performance, but if not, we will at least get some
extra web features).

At time, Tanglu is brought to you by six build-machines, working day
and night to create fresh packages. One of them, boron, is currently
offline due to connectivity issues (Sonia, do you read this?). Thanks
to everyone maintaining Tanglu builders!
You can see the package build progress live by visiting
http://buildd.tanglu.org/ .

In terms of infrastructure, we will soon get a very powerful server at
my university, with some TB of space and enough raw power to maintain
the main archive (dak, Jenkins and friends). This means the main
archive will be migrated to a new location soon, The existing server
will still provide packages.tanglu.org, de.archive.tanglu.org (German
archive mirror) and probably also bugs.tanglu.org.

So, as you see, many exiting things are going on.
Unfortunately, we still don't have enough developers - so if you want
to help, join us!
We will soon also create a Wiki page with all available official
positions in Tanglu, and who currently has these roles, and also show
which ones are still open. You can already see on the Tanglu Teams
page who is currently working on what. (And we absolutely encourage
the creation of new teams!)


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KDE-Developer    | GNOME-Contributor
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