[Tanglu] Tanglu Aequorea Release Plans

Matthias Klumpp matthias at tenstral.net
Mon Oct 28 04:08:56 EDT 2013

I am happy to announce the plans for the first Tanglu release, as well
as the timeframe of our first release.
Tanglu 1.1 (Aequorea Victoria) will most likely by released this year
in December, and receive support for it's core components (everything
you find on the live-cd) until the next release is out (probably
around two months longer).
It will ship with KDE 4.11, GNOME 3.8 (unless someone steps up to work
on it), Perl 5.18 and various other updated components.
A summary of the planned changes for Aequorea and more information
about the project can be found here:
Kind regards,
    Matthias Klumpp

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