[Tanglu] Tanglu Aequorea Release Plans

Jackson Doak noskcaj at ubuntu.com
Mon Oct 28 04:10:59 EDT 2013

Good work. I'll see what i can do to contribute once i get a PC that can
actually run VMs.

On Mon, Oct 28, 2013 at 7:08 PM, Matthias Klumpp <matthias at tenstral.net>wrote:

> I am happy to announce the plans for the first Tanglu release, as well
> as the timeframe of our first release.
> Tanglu 1.1 (Aequorea Victoria) will most likely by released this year
> in December, and receive support for it's core components (everything
> you find on the live-cd) until the next release is out (probably
> around two months longer).
> It will ship with KDE 4.11, GNOME 3.8 (unless someone steps up to work
> on it), Perl 5.18 and various other updated components.
> A summary of the planned changes for Aequorea and more information
> about the project can be found here:
> http://blog.tenstral.net/2013/10/tanglu-update-release-plans.html
> Kind regards,
>     Matthias Klumpp
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