[Tanglu] Tanglu Mirrors Needed!

Daniel Nicoletti dantti12 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 17 08:00:57 EST 2014

Hi all,

as we approach the release date of Tanglu 1,
one very important thing in all our work is still
missing, mirrors!

I myself have already sent a mail to an well know
university in Brazil to ask them to mirror us, but
that won't be enough once the release is out because
we will have lot's of press people doing review of
it, early adopters and well many people that
liked our goals.

Currently the main archive is Germany based and
carries a huge amount of load, and afaik it is right
now our only source of packages.

So this is YOUR chance to do something about Tanglu
if you don't even have infrastructure available, you
can simple send mails to websites that mirrors other
distribution asking them kindly to do the same for us :D

And of course if you happen to have an spare server
with a static ip and around (I think) 300GB of free space
please mirror us, setting up a debmirror is very easy
and we can help you if you are not familiar with it.


Daniel Nicoletti

KDE Developer - http://dantti.wordpress.com

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