[Tanglu] Tanglu 1.0 (Aequorea Victoria) released!

Matthias Klumpp mak at debian.org
Fri Feb 21 19:20:45 EST 2014

We are happy to announce the release of Tanglu 1.0 (Aequorea Victoria) today!

It  has been an exciting development period, where lots of new
infrastructure was built and set up, new concepts and ideas have been
discussed and implemented, new designs were created, texts were
translated and blogposts were written. Lots of work went into making
the Tanglu archive rebuildable.
During this period, a small but very talented team has formed, which
made this release great.
We found issues which affected Debian as well, which where reported,
fixed or pending report and generally worked well together with
Debian. Exploring systemd in Tanglu already yielded some hints which
will help Debian with its own transition.
Of  course we also diverge from Debian in some points, so you will
find  differences - Tanglu is not Debian, although we try to work
together  whenever it is possible. Most of the changes made were
configuration  changes for desktop-usecases, lots of simplifications
and removal of some packages from the default installation which are
not necessarily required anymore (for example, Tanglu does not ship
with an MTA: If you  need one, install your favourite one from the

You can find more information about Tanglu 1.0 in the release
notes[1], which also include known issues.
This  is the first release, so you can expect it to be a bit bleeding
edge and you might experience problems. In that case, you can report
your  issues[2]. Especially take care of the fact that some packages
have not  yet been tested with systemd and might not work as expected.

For  the very first release, we support the KDE desktop and offer
GNOME preview[3]. For experienced users, we offer a Docker container
to test Tanglu Core.
You can download the release here: http://tanglu.org/download/

For  Tanglu, this is a major milestone, but there is still a lot of
work to do! So, if you are interested in joining the project, we are
open to every new member, and people who work on stuff also get a say
in future Tanglu development.
There are some great plans for the  future about re-thinking the way
distributions work, and how to generally improve upstream relations.
We are looking forward into a great future!

Kind regards,
     Matthias Klumpp, Tanglu Project Leader

[1]: http://wiki.tanglu.org/Releases/AequoreaReleaseNotes
[2]: http://bugs.tanglu.org
[3]: The GNOME team is missing people, so we can not ensure that it
will receive the same attention as KDE does.

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