[Tanglu] Tanglu 1.1 Remaining Tasks

Matthias Klumpp matthias at tenstral.net
Mon Jan 6 16:47:16 EST 2014

With the 1.1 release approaching fast, we could use some help in order
to be able to release Tanglu this January.
There are several tasks which need to be completed before we can release:

== Installer ==
The installer currently has two issues: On amd64 it fails to find the
Tanglu installation media, and on i386 - for some reason - it doesn't
find an init system, so the installer can not be started.
These two things have to be fixed.
Also, the GUI version of the installer could use some Tanglu branding.

== Package Archive ==
There are several unfinished transitions which need to be completed
before we can release. Take a look at
http://qa.tanglu.org/transitions/ . If the package is red (=
uninstallable / untransitioned) and did not yet receive a rebuild
upload, please do that! Otherwise, check why the package doesn't build
at buildd.tg.o. If nothing helps, we will remove the package from the
next Tanglu release.
I will push some patches to the Tanglu Janitor to make it possible to
do that easily.

== Tanglu Website ==
The Tanglu website needs a facelift, some updated information etc. To
my knowledge, Everton Arruda is on this, so contact him if you want to

== Release Announcement / PR ==
We need a release-announcement. I will help with that. But it would
also be nice to get some cool screenshots of Tanglu and to maybe know
about known issues with the OS. So please test this :-)
I will push a systemd update to Tanglu very soon, which will solve all
sd issues which were known to me so far.

I think that's it - at least these are the most important tasks. If
you have questions or want to help with something, please contact us
(just reply to this mail, so others know about it too).
Also, if you know how to work with Debian packages: It's pretty cheap
to get access to the Tanglu archives, and there are some very easy but
important tasks to do at this side.


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