[Tanglu] Remaining tasks before we can release Bartholomea

Matthias Klumpp matthias at tenstral.net
Fri Oct 24 16:51:11 EDT 2014

Hello Tanglu users and developers!
(this is cross-posted to tgl-announce, please only reply on -devel)
As you might have noticed, we are behind our schedule in releasing
Tanglu 2. There are some good reasons for delaying the release
(Aequorea is supported at least a month after the next release is
publicly available), but now only a few points are left before we can
So, this email is a reminder about why we can't release Bartholomea
currently, a public TODO-list as well as information how you can help
to make the release happen faster.

== Fix broken packages ==
*highest priority*
There are still many broken packages in Bartholomea. Those must either
be fixed or removed.
There is a list of broken stuff available at
http://qa.tanglu.org/bartholomea-wspace/ in YAML format.
All new package uploads need to go through staging, so it should be
made sure that they pass the staging area.

== Complete ongoing transitions ==
There are still some incomplete package transitions, which hold
packages in staging which should really be in Bartholomea instead.
You can find a list of them here: http://qa.tanglu.org/transitions/
Everything at 0% is not yet started, and shouldn't be started in the
Bartholomea cycle.

== Help packages migrate from Staging ==
There are still packages failing to migrate from Staging to
Bartholomea. While this is not fatal, it might fix bugs to have the
packages in the next release, and helping stuff to migrate is always a
good idea, since new packages will clear staging much faster.
A list of stuff which is currentöy failing to migrate can be found at

== Test the Debian-Installer ==
The Debian-Installer (d-i) for Tanglu needs some more testing. Hand in
hand with that goes testing of the latest update of nfs-utils, which
provides Tanglu with a new upstream version of the package, fixing
many bugs (including one which made d-i not usable), but that update
might have induces new issues, especially because we are fully using
the systemd units for it now. So please test that as well if you are
using NFS.
The d-i for Tanglu can easily be tested using this example NetInstall
iso: http://archive.tanglu.org/tanglu/dists/bartholomea/main/installer-amd64/current/images/netboot/mini.iso

== Fix KDE issues ==
This is basically helping packages migrate from staging and testing
our current default desktop, to see if everything works well. Anyone
can do that :-)
Bonus points go to the one who can help identifying the issue why sddm
suddenly stopped logging in the live-user on Tanglu's daily snapshot
Daily snapshots of the Tanglu development state can be downloaded at
http://yofel.net/tanglu/cdimage/daily-live/current/ (currently, due to
the d-i inclusion, there are none, but they will get available again
very soon)

== Implement GNOME 3.14 ==
The Tanglu GNOME desktop needs some integration work as well, to see
that all components of GNOME 3.14 work well together and that the
first start experience of the desktop is great.
Please help with that if you care about GNOME!

== Do dist-upgrade testing ==
So far, the reports of user migrating from aequorea to bartholomea
have been very positive. But it can't hurt to do a bit more
dist-upgrade testing.

== Test systemd ==
Do you have issues with systemd? Please report them to the bugtracker,
so we can fix them quickly!
Often providing a .service file in the problematic package is enough
to get everything working smoothly.

== Fix or defer all bugs and issues assigned to this release ==
Just take a look at
Many of these will unfortunately have to be moved to Tanglu 3.

In general, we need a lot more testing. The qa.tanglu.org website is
the perfect place to find new tasks to work on and issues to solve for
Tanglu developers, and there are lots of easy tasks new developers can
start with.

Thanks to our users for your patience in waiting for the next release,
and thanks to all contributors for their amazing work on Bartholomea!

Kind regards,
    Matthias Klumpp

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