[Tanglu-devel] MATE Desktop

Matthias Klumpp matthias at tenstral.net
Thu Jul 18 19:20:41 EDT 2013

2013/7/7 raidensub . <raidensub at gmail.com>:
> Can i ask if the Tanglu repos are going to offer MATE?
Yes, sure ;-) But the answer is: maybe
We currently only have enough capacities to maintain the base-system,
for MATE, we would need a team which can maintain it's packages. If a
team is formed, we can have it in the repos for sure, *if* it does not
introduce old libraries again, which have been removed at Debian and
should no longer be used. Also, the component-renaming and duplicating
("mateconf") should stop. But as far as I know, the MATE developers
are already adressing these issues.
(So, the problem for Tanglu is manpower)
If I have time again, I will set up a web application which is able to
manage a database of Tanglu developers, so it will become easier for
people to become package maintainers.

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