[Tanglu-devel] Clarifying Next steps in development.

Matthias Klumpp matthias at tenstral.net
Fri Jul 19 20:20:13 EDT 2013

2013/7/20 Andrew DeMarsh <andrew at andrewdemarsh.ca>:
> Currently there is no easy way to contribute or even to view how one can
> contribute to the project without being extremely lucky and finding
> someone in the IRC that happens to know exactly what's going on in the
> project at this moment. I would suggest adding an easy to read webpage
> with development To-Do's and the like as well as problems that need to
> be solved this would allow other developers to help out or submit
> patches without spending large amounts of time dithering about trying to
> figure out if X feature has been fixed or made available. If help is
> needed in creating this webpage I am willing to help make this happen.
I 100% agree with you. I assume you don't want to maintain a complete
Wiki though. Next monday, I will have a few hours spare time and try
to rescue at least a few of our old Wiki-Pages, and also set up a new
Wiki instance. If I am not ready in time with that, I (or someone else
with access to the servers) can grant you access to create at least
some static HTML.

As for new contributors, if you are a Debian Developer or Ubuntu
Developer, you can get access immediately, if you are Debian
Maintainer getting access is also easy. If you don't belong to one of
these groups, you'd need a Tanglu Developer to advocate for you -
since there are currently only 4 Tanglu Devs, we'll just check what
you did before in packaging and then grant access to the packages the
new contributor wants to change (and if everything works well, grant
full access later).

As for the Tanglu Members record, I plan to set up software for that
later this year, it strongly depends on how much spare time I will
have this summer, and if someone wants to help with that. But the
least thing we will have is some static HTMl-page which is
auto-generated from the Tanglu archive uploaders keyring for people to
Tanglu Member is everyone who contributes to Tanglu, be it in
translation, packaging, design, administration etc.

As for "stuff we need help with immediately", we currently have these
tasks to do:
 1) Create a working live-cd for Tanglu (basic knowledge of
live-build, systemd/udev needed)
 2) Create a d-i image
 3) Update the KDE and/or GNOME packages in Tanglu (sync from Debian
or check if Kubuntu packages work, since we currently don't have the
manpower to package stuff on our own)
 4) Make various adjustments on the base-system, e.g. add some nice
Plymouth-theme, wallpaper etc.
 5) Test the OS and fix bugs! There are some packages in the archive
which are waiting for missing dependencies, for a release to happen
their count needs to drop to 0 (see http://ftp-master.tanglu.org/ for
 6) More help with infrastructure parts....
(Translation-Infrastructure, FTP-Master work, Website coding,
"smarter" Debian sync (only sync stuff which has it's dependencies
satisfied), ...)
 ... (I would find much more work items)

I still think that we might have an release in Oktober/November, but
the quality of this release (and how much it differs from Debian)
depends on the work which is put into it until then. (And we also need
to maintain that stuff for at least 6 months ;-P)

I will also create a public Git branch with the Tanglu policy (also
published online as HTML then), which defines what this project is
actually about, who can become member and how, and how packages should
be created and which quality standards should be met.
And when I say "I", I mean that I will set it up and obviously hope
for contributions from outside ;-)


Debian Developer | Freedesktop-Developer
KDE-Developer    | GNOME-Contributor
I welcome VSRE emails. See http://vsre.info/

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