[Tanglu-devel] ETA

Michael Düll michael.duell at ruhr-uni-bochum.de
Sun Jul 28 22:23:19 EDT 2013

Hey tanglu guys!

I had high hopes for a few weeks in tanglu being an alternative
Everybody-Linux-Distro on the Desktop, based on Debian and challenging
Mint or Ubuntu, and a valid contestor for Desktop Linux for "Linux
Newbies" or the general "Linux Desktops" I even contributed in a little
way (translation).
However the last status report was a few weeks ago on this main devel
ML. I haven't heard anything for a few weeks. The project seems dead to
me. Or close enough.

I have for myself drawn the conclusion that this project will never
reach a state where it will be the alternative I have hoped for.

I wish you prove me wrong in the future.


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