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Matthias Klumpp matthias at tenstral.net
Sun Jul 28 23:04:04 EDT 2013


2013/7/29 Michael Düll <michael.duell at ruhr-uni-bochum.de>:
> Hey tanglu guys!
> I had high hopes for a few weeks in tanglu being an alternative
> Everybody-Linux-Distro on the Desktop, based on Debian and challenging
> Mint or Ubuntu, and a valid contestor for Desktop Linux for "Linux
> Newbies" or the general "Linux Desktops" I even contributed in a little
> way (translation).
> However the last status report was a few weeks ago on this main devel
> ML. I haven't heard anything for a few weeks. The project seems dead to
> me. Or close enough.
Not really - we are all working, too busy to write mails ^^ And there
was a recent update too.
The "problem" with Tanglu is that we are not rolling release, and also
no simple addition to Debian or overlay to an existing distribution
(like Linux Mint). Because we can also not take much infrastructure
from Ubuntu (Launchpad can not really be used outside of Ubuntu), we
had to invent most of the stuff on our own.
Also, I don't want to throw out something as quickly as possible -
good stuff takes a while ;-)
Anyway, development could be faster, but that's because we don't have
enough manpower at time (we are only 4 people...)
So, I invite everyone to contribute!

> I have for myself drawn the conclusion that this project will never
> reach a state where it will be the alternative I have hoped for.
> I wish you prove me wrong in the future.
Well, Tanglu can be compared to Ubuntu in terms of development-effort.
The first Ubuntu release took about 4 months and was basically a
rebranded Debian. Then, Ubuntu needed *years* to become what it
currently is. And Mark hired many Debian developers to work full time
on Ubuntu, luxury we don't have ;-)
Tanglu won't need years for a release, but more than 4 months (it is
only 4 months old!). We can maybe make a release in November, but to
achieve that, we need more people ^^

If you want to help: Take a look at the task list:
We also need people with Debian packaging experience, so if you want
to help with that, contact us!
Also, if you know live-build, you can help in creating a live-cd, a
task which is much more complicated than it sounded at the beginning.

If you want to take a look at the archive status, you will find more
information here: http://ftp-master.tanglu.org/
You can also, in theory, already transform a Debian installation to a
Tanglu installation, but I'd only do that in a VM ;-)



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