[Tanglu-devel] A new status report

Matthias Klumpp matthias at tenstral.net
Thu Jun 27 07:27:25 EDT 2013

Hello everyone!
It's time for a status report again, so what happened in Tanglu?

== Build Infrastructure ==
The Tanglu Build Service at buildd.tanglu.org now works reasonably
well. Although Jenkins has some issues, we can deal with it for now.
There is currently communication with Debian going on about creating a
completely new build system, which we can use at Tanglu (and which
will most likely power Debian's version of PPAs).
Unfortunately, we lost two amd64 builder on Tanglu, due to hardware
failures. So if you can contribute an amd64 builder, we would be very
happy :-) For now, the i386 has an advantage over amd64, causing amd64
stuff to build slower (we also build arch:all packages  on amd64

Tanglu is now auto-synced with Debian Testing, which causes new
packages to appear in Tanglu automatically. The sync-tools are still
not perfect and need some work, but doing that will be trivial.

== Project Infrastructure ==
We still don't have an official developer's directory - this is
something on my TODO-List.

At the moment, we don't have a Wiki, because the one at
wiki.tanglu.org got hacked (no data loss, but vandalism), and nobody
had time yet to put it back online. We might want to switch to
MediaWiki later - the security hole in MoinMoin was unfortunately
announced with minor priority and without patch, and we weren't fast
enough to fix it at Tanglu. Maybe MediaWiki has better security and
causes less maintenance work.
(But this still has to be decided)
Please do not add Tanglu sepcific information to the Debian Wiki! The
Debian Wiki is for Debian, and mixing Tanglu and Debian stuff might be
very confusing for new Debian users (Tanglu & Debian are closely
related, but not identical).

For translations, it is thought about setting up a Weblate instance,
if someone wants to work on it, which will allow translation of the
Tanglu Archive and Tanglu Websites (while being synced with Debian).

== Tanglu OS ==
We still don't have a LiveCD or installer image - not a nice
situation, but we managed to kill many issues preventing livebuild to
work, so there will be something soon, if people have enough time for
it (we are volunteers!)

Tanglu currently runs great with systemd, there are no obvious issues.
Only the LiveCD causes troubles with it.
We now successfully migrated to the latest udev version, and many
quirks have been fixed recently.

Unfortunately, many packages still FTBFS with odd compiler issues
(maybe due to Tanglu using a different build-environment than Debian -
but even then, it's a bug in these packages).

The Haskell transition in Debian Unstable cuased lots of troubles for
Tanglu, so we are currently waiting for the situation to be resolved
(the automatic Testing sync should pull in working Haskell packages).

== Others ==
Communication with Mozilla about using the native Firefox in Tanglu is
still going on - I will come back on that.

We still have to decide if Tanglu (as community and project) wants to
join the OpenInventionNetwork. Debian hasn't joined it, while many
other distributions did.

== Notes ==
Okay, and that's the report for now. I will be less active during the
next few months, because I have to write exams (and I am already very
late with studying) and after that I will be in Canada, working on a
different project, and I can not know at the moment how much time I
will have to work on Tanglu.
But I think a monthly report about what happened in the project is the
least thing I can do (and I am certain that I will have time for more,
but not at the moment).

We still have too few people working on the project, so if you are
interested, now is the perfect time to join ;-)
I also was asked if we plan to switch to Wayland: Of course we do! But
we will take our time with that, and stick with X, until Wayland got
some testing, and Debian has sufficient support for it.

Also, I was asked about "Tanglu Derivatives": Anyone will be able to
start a derivative of the Tanglu project, and if a derivative has
sufficient manpower (currently even the base OS doesn't have enough
people...) we can advertise it on the homepage, and it can get a
Tanglu subdomain ("lxde.tanglu.org"). The primary focus is KDE and
GNOME, and if someone wants to download Tanglu, we will offer both
options side-by-side (with a screenshot, so very new users who never
heard of KDE/GNOME can see how the desktops look like). But we will
also showcase the other desktops there, if that is wanted, linking to
their project pages.
In the best case, it should not matter if the user selects
KDE/GNOME/Xfce/LXDE/..., because everything is equally supported, and
most of the important stuff is desktop-agnostic, so all different
desktops can share a maximum amount of technology.

And that's it for now!
Have a great day!

Debian Developer | Freedesktop-Developer
KDE-Developer    | GNOME-Contributor
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