[Tanglu-devel] A new status report

ca2013 at arcor.de ca2013 at arcor.de
Thu Jun 27 10:08:35 EDT 2013

Many thanks for the status update!

What a pity that the wiki went down.

> Please do not add Tanglu sepcific information to the Debian Wiki! The
> Debian Wiki is for Debian, and mixing Tanglu and Debian stuff might be
> very confusing for new Debian users (Tanglu & Debian are closely
> related, but not identical).

IMHO this really depends on how clearly we can state the differences.

DebianEdu uses the /DebianEdu Namespace in the Debian wiki
and this seems to work out well and clear.

Don't underestimate the advantage of sharing a wiki (same logins)
for general user relevant information. (Programs, Software suites, etc.)
For example, this basically covers most of the content of ubuntuusers.de.

User wise, really only a few things are system specific.
And these things may be well explained under /DebianTanglu.

So maybe ask if the debian wiki admins will be ok with us using
a Tanglu Namespace in the Debian Wiki?

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