[Tanglu-devel] A new status report

ca2013 at arcor.de ca2013 at arcor.de
Fri Jun 28 03:32:26 EDT 2013

> > DebianEdu uses the /DebianEdu Namespace in the Debian wiki
> > and this seems to work out well and clear.
> I suspect the main reason they get away with this is because they have
> Debian 
> in their name.

The original name is skolelinux, and that actually continues to be the name of the
Debian Pure Blend which is produced by the Debian Edu project.

As their releases do not happen in sync with debian's, they too have their
own repositores. 
(They usually released after stable, and have some newer/customized/additional
package versions).

Nevertheless, they decided to package things with debian wherever possible.
So the the configuration and meta-packages are maintained in debian resembling
a Debian Pure Blend.

Their repositories still allows them to have their own pace in the release process 
(adapt to next stable). It shows that uploading things to Debian and supporting a 
different release scheme are well possible simultaniously.

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