[Tanglu-devel] Some ideas and questions

rikhard rikhard.fsoss at gmail.com
Sat Mar 16 17:14:12 EDT 2013

hello all,

first of all forgive my english...

i am a debian and #!crunchbang and lmde user for a long time, in fact
since i started to use gnulinux (1998) i've been a debian user, although
i started with SuSE and Mandrake.

here are my sugestions and questions:

1. in here http://blog.tenstral.net/2013/03/tanglu.html i read that "We
will also try to establish a solution for a “Linux-AppCenter”", what you
mean by that?
am i wrong or why should you recreate the wheel, why not just make use
of synaptic or linux mint app center for that purpose?

2. what kind of installer will you be using?
debian's installer? lmde's?

i love debian's installer since it's very flexible, but i understand
that maybe you want something like *buntu's for the newbies, although
debian's it's quite easy.

3. i am happy that you choosed kde as the default DE, it's the best one
out there, beats everything, even microsoft's and macosx's

...but since i am a minimalist i have this two suggestions:

a) provide a Tanglu core install, something in the lines of debian's
netinstall for a bare system installation

b) provide meta-packages for the installation of DE and WManagers

for instance, i would love to download Tanglu-core and then just do a
'#aptitude install awesome-meta' + the packages i need/want and nothing

a Tanglu-core CLI-meta (with the best tools of http://grml.org/ + a
tilling wm) would also be very cool :D

thanks in advance


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