[Tanglu-devel] Project Infrastructure Progress Report

carlos carlosalberto at riseup.net
Sun Mar 17 15:51:58 EDT 2013

Matthias great news, I think we are all "nervous" to start something.

And if we have other Tanglu Planets,Wikis in other languages​​, we should
quit creating, It is not possible a unique ecosystem of communication?


Carlos IN Bad English

> Hello!
> Just to give you some information about the current progress we make
> in setting up the infrastructure:
>  * [DAK] The Archive Kit is set up and fully functional. The
> automatization bits are currently not set up and planned for later.
>  * [Wanna-Build]: Wanna-Build is set up and apparently working.
> Automatization is missing, as well as link to dak. We are working on
> it
>  * [FTP]: FTP is working an accessible, but at time restricted for
> security reasons
>  * [MoM]: Geofft is working on the Merge-o-Matic to evaluate how we
> can use it to merge Debian packages.
>  * [Bugtracker]: Tracker is set up and working, but it is not yet very
> useful, as there is no connection to dak and wanna-build yet. This
> will follow at a later stage
>  * [buildd]: We currently have no buildd server. If you want to
> contribute infrastructure for building packages, just contact us!
> Daniel is working on getting buildd servers, and I already got info
> that we might now get some more infrastructure for building packages.
> We then need to test if the buildds are working with the current
> infrastructure.
>  * [Website]: Dantti is working on a translatable website for the
> Tanglu main page, including a FAQ. We might later need designs for it
> ;-)
>  * [Planet]: We now have a planet at planet.tanglu.org - The planet is
> open for anyone connected with Tanglu, community members as well as
> developers. The only requirement is that you have to write in English
> and that the articles need to mainly have a relation to
> Debian/Linux/Tanglu etc. But we also encourage other posts, as the
> planet should serve as a window to the community. (It is just not good
> to solely post non-Linux-related stuff)
> And that's it for now.
> Cheers,
>     Matthias
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