[Tanglu-devel] Question about Tanglu internal processes

Matthias Klumpp matthias at tenstral.net
Tue Mar 19 20:55:33 EDT 2013

First of all, I am not alone qualified to answer this, as I don't want
to become SABDFL of Tanglu. Everyone should be free to speak for
Tanglu, as long as he does not declare this as "project's opinion".
And the project was started with a core team of 4 people, these people
*of course* know the project's direction ;-)
An official statement "from Tanglu" can only be made if the issue has
been discussed first and other Tanglu devs know about the decision.
I will therefore answer this question as the way I would like to have
the project at time, but not as the ultimate solution. Every piece can
be changed, if there are reasons to do it and if we agree on that.

Of course we want "non-developer" members. The question in general is:
"Which benefits does a membership have?" and "Why would someone want
to become member?"
I think that everyone can call himself Tanglu Contributor and/or
member, if he/she does some work around Tanglu. Permissions will be
granted based on that, e.g. if someone writes good blogposts about
Tanglu, he/she is very welcome on Planet Tanglu, as well as if someone
does good work on bug reports, he/she can get the required additional
rights to modify bugs.
These permissions will be granted if a set of conditions is matched
(e.g. Debian developers or upstream authors of a software should be
able to modify sets of Tanglu bugs, also people who have proven to be
good at bug triaging should be granted extra permissions, etc.). We
still have to write these rules as part of the Tanglu Policy. Please
be patient until these documents are written, we can discuss them
later :-) (It doesn't make sense to discuss a matter which doesn't
exist yet)
People who get new permissions should be asked a limitted set of
questions about Free Software, just like Debian does. This isn't too
much work for both sides and ensures we have motivated people there. I
am against doing extensive social and technical questioning, as in the
Debian NM process.

2013/3/20 Noel David Torres Taño <envite at rolamasao.org>:
> On Domingo, 17 de marzo de 2013 23:05:10 José Luis C. wrote:
>> [...]
>> > I would like to know how Tangle (I'm sorry, I mean *we*) will manage the
>> > developer permissions.
> [...]
> Ok, since there are no answers (I mean answers with text) those are some
> points of my proposal:
> * We should have a Board of Trustees for legal and Intellectual Property
> issues (this is not urgent).
Yes, we might need one if the project becomes bigger. I even think of
having a foundation (like the KDE e.V.) represent the project later.
But this is not a priority at time, we have other issues at the

> * We should have a status of "Tanglu member" for involved people (developers,
> maintainers, translators, webmasters) all of them with the same rights and
> access level (even if a webmaster will never upload a package or a developer
> will never touch a webpage) (this is urgent).
No. Never ever. I am absolutely for minimal rights, I don't want
webmasters to be able to upload packages or translators fiddle with
webpages or translators mess around with package permissions. This
will create a huge mess and it is also very insecure.
Better give rights to different service individualy. If you have
permission to one service, you are already a member, as you apparently
contribute substantial work to the project.

> * We should have a status of "Tanglu admin" for people with tasks on the
> servers (maintenance, etc.) (this is urgent).
First, we need peple doing this work ;-) If someone wants to help with
infrastructure administration and has the required skills, I will
happily show him/her the necessary things to do.
In any case, for people with that much power an ftpmaster or server
admin has, we need a defined protocol, involving identity checks etc.
We also need a similar protocol for package uploaders. I think it
makes sense to apply the same strict rules as Debian has here.

> * We should have some sort of founding document(s) with these statuses, our
> internal processes about them and our decision taking processes (this is semi-
> urgent).
In progress ;-) We are working on these parts, as soon as the Wiki is
available, these things will become visible. A few things are already
outlined on the initial announcement blogpost.

> * We should carefully revise and rewrite the previous one until it serves as a
> general purpose, fits-all-cases Constitution-type document (this is not
> urgent).
I really don't think we will find a "fits all" solution. I want the
technically best solution, and a solution which is okay for most
We will also need a phase of experimenting with the decision making
process. Maybe we can find good decisions by voting and automatic
processes with all people, but maybe electing a technical committee is
the better option.

> * We should have a document with the intention of this Community/Distribution
> (already done with the announce).
Yes, but we still need to write in down in a more formal and explicit way.

> * We should carefully revise and rewrite the previous one until it serves as a
> general purpose, fits-all-cases Social Contract-type document (this is not
> urgent).
We are already and automatically bound by the Debian social contract.
And this is not a bad thing :) We can, however, extend it to our

    Matthias Klumpp

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