[Tanglu-devel] MANIFESTO. Versão ZERO em PT BR

Matthias Klumpp matthias at tenstral.net
Sat Mar 23 08:56:30 EDT 2013

2013/3/23 Noel David Torres Taño <envite at rolamasao.org>:
> On Sábado, 23 de marzo de 2013 07:05:46 Sonia Hamilton wrote:
>> (a rough translation - moving from meaning to balanced phrasing is
>> difficult.
>> Always the problem of how to translate "software livre" - "free" or
>> "open source"
>> software, or "software libre"?)
> "livre" is "free". "Open source" is a different concept.
> [...]
Some like to use the term "FLOSS", Free Libre and Open Source
Software, which stresses the "free as in freedom aspect".
I like that term, as it is not ambiguous and very descriptive. (if you
explain the abbreviation :P)

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