[Tanglu-devel] New Logo is ready

Alexander R. ari at housingsklave.at
Tue Mar 26 09:19:39 EDT 2013

25.03.2013, 22:42, Matthias Klumpp wrote:
>> I agree :) But I am open to any suggestion - we even hat a
>> "Tangerigloo" already, which looked pretty cool :) I unfortunately
>> don't like the idea of the tangerine+igloo very much, as it has no
>> meaning and doesn't transport any message. It also looks quite exotic
>> and not like a logo you would expect for an operating system.
>> But I can always be convinced otherwise ^^
I agree on that too, the logo is on of the most memorable things when 
you first stumble upon a new distribution. So it should send me a 
message - taking the swirl for example it would be a close relationship 
with Debian.

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