[Tanglu-devel] Another day, another logo

Ink Apnea inkapnea at gmail.com
Tue Mar 26 12:18:48 EDT 2013

Hi everyone!
I just uploaded my logo proposal for Tanglu, please take a look.

Some time ago I used to be a logo junkie so used every proprietary 2D
vector drawing application. When Tanglu was announced I found
interesting the project's goals and liked the design of the very first
logo with the doubled Debian swirl, not perfect but simple, pretty and
I like spirals and swirls too, so here I am, curious to try to improve
the double swirl design and an opportunity to try Inkscape for the
first time. So here is a diary of my voyage.

Some notes:
- I like the original colors Matthias choose for the logo so I decided
to keep the blue/green combination, only lightened them a bit.
- I decided to upload a “making of” numbered image sequence because I
enjoyed making different variations and wished to share the creative
process and visually explain some decisions, the play with
positive/negative images and a curiosity (logo number 9 – moving the
background circle downward casually revealed a similarity with another
well known project logo, also a great community)
- think that a circular logo is better suited for a community project
than a squared one (= corporation) so I stayed on that path.
- The “making of” is a shortened one, it misses some variations when I
took a different path just to come back again to the double swirl
path. It also misses the hand drawn sketches, fundamental at the
- The text part is only for spacing reference, used plain Vera Sans
font, but this part still needs some love.
- I like very much the logo number 16 too, but found it too symmetric
and maybe too much resembling the buntu logos. Tried different ways to
make it more dynamic and finally came up with the spikes version (logo
- Maybe the spikes seem a little bit aggressive but the osteoderms are
ok because Tanglu will have the dragon skin (Konqi :-)
- At the end, inverted the blue and greed colors just to associate the
osteoderms with the green color (green = more organic than blue).
- The logo is scalable and editable because it's made of vectors, I
will send online the Inkscape SVG file soon.

Please let me know what You think.

Ink Apnea

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