[Tanglu-devel] We need build servers!

Sonia Hamilton sonia at snowfrog.net
Tue Mar 26 20:39:01 EDT 2013

* Matthias Klumpp <matthias at tenstral.net> [2013-03-26 20:41:17 +0100]:

> Hello!
> The main Tanglu archive server is up and running now. It currently
> provides five services:
>  * Tanglu Bugtracker (bugs.tanglu.org)
>  * Tanglu package archive (archive.tanglu.org)
>  * Tanglu archive maintenance and upload queue (ftp-master.tanglu.org)
>  * Tanglu build service administration (wanna-build)
>  * Tanglu archive keyring and keyserver (later available as keyring.tanglu.org)
> The only missing bit are build servers now. We need some to build for
> the i386 and amd64 architectures. If you have a server around which
> idles and doesn't do anything useful, it could become a buildd for
> Tanglu! It should have sufficient disk space, and relatively fast CPU.
> A fast internet connection is not required. Even slow machines can
> accept build jobs, because it doesn't mater much when they finish
> building (of course faster is always better).

Matthias, give me a week or so, I may be able to source some old
machines from work, add to my "rack" in my closet.

Sonia Hamilton
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