[Tanglu-devel] Logo contest: Deadline and voting

carlos carlosalberto at riseup.net
Wed Mar 27 09:46:54 EDT 2013

100% OK!

> Hello!
> During the last weeks we got many awesome logo proposals, which raised
> the question how we would decide which one to take.
> I currently have a clear favourite, but just deciding which one to
> take on my own would be against the strong community-involvement we
> want in Tanglu, and also be very unfair to everyone who contributed
> logo proposals so far. Voting, however, has the problem that it can
> easily be manipulated, as we don't have a list of official Tanglu
> members yet. We discussed this issue and came up with the following
> solution:
>  * We will accept more logo proposals until next Sunday night (31.March)
>  * All proposals will be listed on the Wiki page[1] - please check if
> yours can be seen there!
>  * On Monday (1. April) we will set up a voting for members of the
> tanglu-devel mailinglist (and maybe at this stage tanglu-announce too)
>  * The logo proposal which gets the most votes will win - if there is
> no very clear majority for one logo to be seen, we will do a second
> round of voting, between the three logos which got most votes.
>  * First round of voting will take place for at least two or three
> days. We will announce a deadline for that.
> I hope everyone is fine with that :-)
> Kind regards,
>     Matthias
> [1]: http://wiki.tanglu.org/logo-proposals
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