[Tanglu-devel] Archive import and validation is running!

Matthias Klumpp matthias at tenstral.net
Wed Mar 27 17:02:31 EDT 2013

Hello everyone!
Thanks to the awesome community support, we are now at a step which I
thought would at least take two months to get to it: I am running a
full import of the Debian Archive to Tanglu! It will already contain a
few adjustments for it ;-)
Also, the Merge-o-Matic (MoM) is currently performing an initial check
of patches against Debian.
All these processes will at least take a day to finish, and the server
has a very hard time at the moment, especially because lots of data is
duplicated before it can be imported.
Wish us luck that everything works fine!
Sonia is kindly providing us with some build-servers we can use for
now. These machines still need to be set up, which will happen the
next days.
Then Tanglu development will start with a very limitted number of
developers (preferrably DDs), to kill many issues in the starting
phase which will almost definitely happen.
If we see that everything is running stable, and the developers
directory is running, and a process for new developers is created, we
will accept more members.
There will be two kinds of Tanglu project members: People with
uploading access, and people without that. All will get an @tanglu.org
email alias.
To become member, people will have to have done something for the
project and identify themselves with it. We will probably establish a
procedure similar to Debian's NM process, but less extensive. This
still has to be implemented.
   Matthias Klumpp
Debian Developer | Freedesktop-Developer
KDE-Developer    | GNOME-Contributor

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