[Tanglu-devel] We need build servers!

Martin Rüßler martin.ruessler at gmx.net
Thu Mar 28 04:34:23 EDT 2013

At least some buildd have 1.5GB RAM (alain.debian.org, alwyn.debian.org).
So, would it be possible to set up a small machine at home or at the 

Best regards,

BTW: Hello everyone, I am an interested user (no developer experience except 
scripting) and like the idea behind Tanglu. I hope this project develops into 
a nice distribution for the niches described in the announcement.

On Wednesday 27 March 2013 23:33:37 Matthias Klumpp wrote:
> 2013/3/27 Alexander R. <ari at housingsklave.at>:
> > [...]
> > Could you give us some estimated specifications a build server should
> > have at least - for those users not very familiar with build processes.
> > 
> > I have some old servers at hand, but I'm not quite sure if they fit
> > our needs.
> This is a good question, because honestly I have no idea about that
> ;-) It is the first time for me setting up an autobuilder network.
> But in general, you can build anything on any machine - at least
> smaller packages should work. If you can build the Kernel, LibreOfice
> and Firefox on that machine, it should work as buildd. (Not everything
> at the same time, of course ^^)
> See [1] for some buildd info. You can also check out the Debian
> machines here: [2] (Everything which has the buildd flag builds
> packages, or look for names of classical componists, because that is
> the naming policy for builders @Debian)
> The minimum buildd requirement seems to be about 60GB of space and 2GB
> RAM. But I think even less would still be working as buildd - it will
> just be a very slow buildd then.
> Cheers,
>    Matthias
> [1]: http://wiki.debian.org/buildd
> [2]: http://db.debian.org/machines.cgi

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