[Tanglu-devel] Italian website

Michele poomerang at autistici.org
Fri Mar 29 09:06:35 EDT 2013

Hi all, I'm Michele and I wish to contribute to this project, which is 
why I'm introducing myself by contributing the translation of the website.

I've been dreaming a lot about an "easier Debian", I had some hopes in 
LMDE but an official KDE version will never come so it wouldn't be a 
first choice...I also dreamed of a "KDebian" and this seems the most 
similar project out there for now.

For now I have little time but I'm willing to contribute 
translations/documentation (BTW when translating I realized how geeky 
was the language, even if I didn't think of it before...I guess it's 
good for this pre-starting stage, but if the goal is "the average user" 
it'll need to change - I don't mean it as a critic, just an opinion :) 
), and some packaging - i have little experience in it

Ah and congratulations for the great idea and the energies you're all 
putting in it, I've been reading the ML for few days now and I can say 
there's a "good energy" - if you get what I mean ;)

thumbs up


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