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Michael Düll mail at akurei.me
Sun Mar 31 18:11:49 EDT 2013

On 31.03.2013 23:35, Alexander R. wrote:
> Am 31.03.13 23:23, schrieb Philipp Wurm:
>> my name is Philipp and i'm from Austria. I'm a software developer
>> (c++ / java) and i'd like to support this project because i like
>> the idea of Tanglu very much.
> Hi Philipp!
>> It would be very nice if someone could inform me how to support
>> this project?
> You should check out the "Contribute" section on the homepage [1],
> there are some ideas how to help. As you are from a country where the
> mother tongue is German you could help with the German translation for
> the webpage. I've sent in a merge request for a patch [2] today which
> is in dire need of correction. Hope I helped a little bit!

How do I "pull" your merge request? I just registered on gitorious for
that, but can't manage it.
> cheers,
> Alex
> [1] http://tanglu.org/contribute
> [2] http://lists.tanglu.org/pipermail/tanglu-devel/2013-March/000138.html
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