[Tanglu-devel] [RFH] Converting Apache to Nginx config

Daniel Nicoletti dantti12 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 31 22:01:26 EDT 2013

I can take a look tomorrow, but if needed we can run apache on a different
port and make nginx do a proxy pass to it
Em 31/03/2013 20:32, "Matthias Klumpp" <matthias at tenstral.net> escreveu:

Hi everyone!
Is someone with Apache and Nginx skills here?
I am writing because we will soon have packages.tanglu.org, an online
archive-search, just like packages.debian.org. Unfortunately, the
underlying software requires Apache, while everything else on the
Tanglu servers uses Nginx at time. I already tried to translate some
of the config, with some success, but for me this task is hard,
because I don't know Apache well enough.
If someone is here who can do that, I would be incredibly happy! Also,
if this person has a signed GPG-key (with a trust-path to mine) I can
give him/her access to the server to test the configurations, if
he/she doesn't want to run that stuff on an own machine.
It would also be awesome if someone also has Perl knowledge and wants
to maintain the package search later ;-) (Otherwise, I will do that
for some time)
The Apache config can be viewed here:
This is a good way to get involved, especially because the Apache
config isn't the hardest one (RegEx rewrite-rules, language stuff -
the difficult steps are the connection to Perl - it would be great if
we could use uWSGI for this application, but connection via FastCGI is
also okay)

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