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Michele Gastaldo micheluzzo at inventati.org
Tue May 7 15:18:05 EDT 2013

Hi Marco and Matteo,
sorry for not responding before, I am very busy with my thesis in this 
period and I will be still for one month at least, I don't really have 
time at the moment.
Feel free to update the translation if you want, otherwise I can look at 
it in the weekend as the soonest - my whole Linux installation needs a 
serious revision that will also probably wait for my thesis to be done, 
so I don't work with it daily.

I think though it's a great idea to start a translation group, let's do 
it! We can talk separately about any details, maybe? :)


Il 26/04/2013 20:53, Marco Milone ha scritto:
> I think that at this stage all the possibile help is needed, Matteo.
> Thank you very much and benvenuto a bordo, welcome on board!
> Ciao,
> Marco
> 2013/4/26 Matteo Italia <matteo at mitalia.net <mailto:matteo at mitalia.net>>
>     Il 24/04/2013 10:56, Marco ha scritto:
>     > Also, I think we could try to organize ourself as Italian
>     Localization
>     > Team [1] as Matthias as prevoiusly asked [2].
>     > How do you feel about it?
>     >
>     > Also, if there are others fellow Italians reading this, say
>     "hey"! :)
>     Hey! :)
>     If some help is needed for translations & co. you can count me in!
>     Matteo
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