[Tanglu-devel] (Live CD) Installer

Rohan Garg rohan at kde.org
Wed May 8 04:14:08 EDT 2013


> Concerning the Live CD people, are you basing your work
> on the debian live project with debian-installer and the
> live-installer-launcher?

Yep. I started writing something over here [1] , but at the moment the
live-config does not work. I will have a look at this next weekend.

> Using and improving on the universal debian-installer should
> turn out very handy in the near future when we want to install on new architectures
> (especially tablets and phones).
> For example, devices based on http://www.gta04.org/, and other debian derivatives
> for smartphones like: http://qtmoko.sourceforge.net

I agree


Rohan Garg

[1] https://gitorious.org/tanglu/live-build/

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