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> Hi!
> For the Aequorea release, we still have to decide how we should handle
> the non-free firmware, which is required for some hardware and some
> features (e.g. KMS with free graohics drivers).
> These are the options we have:
>  1) Ship the firmware in main
>  2) Ship firmware in non-free, like Debian, and enable non-free by 
> default
>  3) Use extra-repo for firmware and enable it by default
>  4) Don't ship non-free firmware by default
> Is there some preference for a certain option?
> Cheers,
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Hey, I am not involved with this project, but I do have an opinion on 

Shipping non-free firmware, at least what linux includes by default, 
will make the distro more welcoming to inexperienced users. 
Additionally, non-free software/firmware should be separated from the 
rest of the distribution. I recall the Debian president (? is this the 
title) saying that having non-free software in a special repo was 
better than a section of the repo, as Debian currently does it.

So, in summary, 3, but also have other nonfree soft/firmware and 
contrib in the repo too.
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