Aw: Non-free Linux firmware

Thomas Funk t.funk at
Tue Nov 12 04:51:00 EST 2013

Hi all!
>"Matthias Klumpp" <matthias at> wrote:
>> Hi!
>> For the Aequorea release, we still have to decide how we should handle
>> the non-free firmware, which is required for some hardware and some
>> features (e.g. KMS with free graohics drivers).
>> These are the options we have:
>>  1) Ship the firmware in main
>>  2) Ship firmware in non-free, like Debian, and enable non-free by default
>>  3) Use extra-repo for firmware and enable it by default
>>  4) Don't ship non-free firmware by default
>> Is there some preference for a certain option?

cameron <camerontnorman at> wrote:
> Shipping non-free firmware, at least what linux includes by default, will 
> make the distro more welcoming to inexperienced users. Additionally, non-free
> software/firmware should be separated from the rest of the distribution.
> So, in summary, 3, but also have other nonfree soft/firmware and contrib in 
> the repo too.

I agree with Cameron to use 3) but for firmware only. Non-free and contrib should
stay in their repos to prevent unnecessary work for the project.

On the other hand 2) has the smallest effort. And as I red the mails man power is 
the most missing point for Tanglu.

So, 2) is for me the most pragmatical way for the first release.


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