Non-free Linux firmware

ca2013 at ca2013 at
Tue Nov 12 04:53:05 EST 2013

Matthias Klumpp wrote:
> These are the options we have:
>  1) Ship the firmware in main
>  2) Ship firmware in non-free, like Debian, and enable non-free by default
>  3) Use extra-repo for firmware and enable it by default
>  4) Don't ship non-free firmware by default

Certainly a sometimes controversial topic.

IMHO it is has its merits to keep non-free things separated and making installation easy.

For tanglu repos, I would suggest to simply follow the debian setup.

For the installer media, non-free firmware does not necessarily have to be installed
with every installation media or run. Just clearly state the presence, status, 
and necessity of certain firmware. And "officially" point users to the install 
paths appropriate for them (images with and without firmware, or a non-free=false
menu option).

Of course, a complete image that includes non-free firmware makes things much easier
for users, than a separate firmware tarball.

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