We need build-slaves!

Alexander Riepl ari at housingsklave.at
Tue Oct 1 03:29:37 EDT 2013

> This is a pretty bad state, so if you have a machine which we could
> use for building, that would really help! It only needs a constant
> internet connection, a (dynamic/static) IP and Debian Wheezy
> installed.
Are there any special hardware requirements? Of course, the faster the 
better, but I'm talking about some sort of minimal technical 
specifications, for both the Internet connection as well as the build 
machine itself?

> We will later switch to the debile system, which allows adding
> builders on-demand and does not require them having an IP, which makes
> building much easier.
How would reaching those build machines without an IP-address work?
ari at housingsklave.at

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