We need build-slaves!

Matthias Klumpp matthias at tenstral.net
Wed Oct 2 00:37:53 EDT 2013

Wow! I haven't expected so much feedback! We really have awesome people here!

2013/10/1 Alexander Riepl <ari at housingsklave.at>:
>> This is a pretty bad state, so if you have a machine which we could
>> use for building, that would really help! It only needs a constant
>> internet connection, a (dynamic/static) IP and Debian Wheezy
>> installed.
> Are there any special hardware requirements? Of course, the faster the
> better, but I'm talking about some sort of minimal technical specifications,
> for both the Internet connection as well as the build machine itself?
Having slower machine might result in a build-failure for some heavier
packages, e.g. Firefox, Chromium, Insighttoolkit and Eigen3 are known
for causing problems on slow builders.
In general, 2GB of RAM is the bare minimum, &GB would be recommended.
The internet connection can be slow, but should be stable, so that if
the builder is uploading a large package, the upload is not
interrupted (we have had some issues with that - hydrogen and carbon
tend to fail large uploads).
Slower machines result in slower builds, but that's not an issue ;-)
The machines should have at least 32GB disk space for caching and building.

>> We will later switch to the debile system, which allows adding
>> builders on-demand and does not require them having an IP, which makes
>> building much easier.
> How would reaching those build machines without an IP-address work?
Right now, the Jenkins master connects to all build slaves and tells
them what to do by making remote calls on them. With the new debile
stuff (which is similar to wanna-build in that regard), the slaves
will connect to the master and select stuff they want to do.
This is much nicer, as it also allows slower builders to simply ignore
heavy builds such as the ones mentioned above.
To remotely login for maintenance reasons, we would still need access
to these machines, of course ;-) But there will be Puppet scripts
available to at least making build-slave setups as easy as possible.

2013/9/30 Tom Krizan <tomkrizan at gmail.com>:
> I have a Linode 2GB that could be utilized. Let me know if that's a
> good enough machine.
> https://www.linode.com for specs.
That would definitely work! It's a bit less RAM, so we might need to
exlcude some stuff from being built there, but that's not an issue.
Apart from that, the machine is pretty fast.


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