We need build-slaves!

Diggory Hardy lists at dhardy.name
Thu Oct 3 03:18:40 EDT 2013

I can maybe set up a desktop (quad i5, 4GB) at home. Decent internet 
connection but the computer can only be available part-time. Is this useful?

On Wednesday 02 October 2013 19:52:07 Matthias Klumpp wrote:
> Hi!
> 2013/10/2 Tom Krizan <tomkrizan at gmail.com>:
> > OK - Let me know the plans on getting my Linode added to the system.
> Only if you don't need it for other purposes right now, of course!
> We could need another amd64 builder, since there is another new
> builder which we plan to use for i386.
> The steps to create a Tanglu buildd are described here:
> https://gitorious.org/tanglu/jenkins-tanglu-buildkit/source/faab82011d6d60dd
> 503371684fb71bb5283bcdf7:README.BUILDD_SETUP If you have the time, you can
> do that on your own - otherwise, just create a root-account and send me the
> data (preferrably in a
> GPG-encrypted and signed mail)
> Thank you very much!
>   -- Matthias
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