RFH: Perl 5.18 Transition

Matthias Klumpp matthias at tenstral.net
Sat Oct 5 02:52:05 EDT 2013

The Perl transition is taking far too long, because it's way too much
packages which have to be rebuilt.
So I tweaked my autobuilder tool a little and we now have
rebuild-requests for almost all Perl packages, except for a few (107,
to be precise).
Please help in creating rebuilds for these! The full list of packages
is available here:
We also have a Trello board, to see which packages are being worked on
and which ones are done:
If you are using the latest version of the devscript package, you will
have Tanglu support built-in. A simple
 $> dch --rebuild --vendor=Tanglu -Dstaging 'No-change rebuild against perl5.18'
will insert the right lines into the changelog. Then, rebuild the
source package and upload it to the archive.
The perl transition needs to be done for a release. Then, I think we
could still merge parts of KDE4.11 to Tanglu Aequorea and make a
release soon, meaning that we need people working on a installer. The
Debian import freeze will most likely be the 28. of October.

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