[Tanglu-devel] Tanglu Artwork

Matthias Klumpp matthias at tenstral.net
Wed Sep 4 03:11:25 EDT 2013


2013/9/4 Tanmay Gandhi <technofhilia at yahoo.com>:
> Here is the link to the updated package =>
> http://temp-share.com/show/FHK49fmU6
> (Other than uploading rights and knowing how to create a debian package what
> else is needed to be a package maintainer ?  I would like to :-) )
> The questions i had :
> 1. Will the wallpaper package include only tanglu wallpaper or others too
> like ubuntu. ?
> 2. Will the grub and plymouth theme be in a single or different package ?
We might want to ship more Wallpapers in an extra package :-)
GRUB+Plymouth are already in a different package... The package you
created is not up2date... Can you please rebase your changes on the
current 0.3 version? =>
Maybe you haven't seen this version before because it did not migrate
fast enough from staging.

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