[Tanglu-devel] Tanglu Artwork

Tanmay Gandhi technofhilia at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 6 04:14:01 EDT 2013

Updated the artwork package with

1024x768.png   1366x768.png   1680x1050.png  2560x1440.png 1280x1024.png  1600x1200.png  1920x1080.png  2560x1600.png
1280x800.png   1600x900.png   1920x1200.png 

Even the KDE folder. 

Fixed the plymouth image path which caused a bit of confusion (now it has nothing to do with glow)
Fixed the plymouth image sequence 

And it plays exactly at the center of the screens i tested.  

=> http://temp-share.com/show/3Yg8bKQqx
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