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Georg Grabler ggrabler at
Thu Sep 12 06:58:06 EDT 2013

Dear List,

I've decided I'll get my hands dirty in Tanglu, since I'm really looking
forward to the distribution - it seems to be a distro which could fit my
needs in future (be debian based, not ubuntu and have "more current"

Anyway, I yesterday put my hands down after work and decided I'll go for
Tanglu as my distro. Now I thought I'll share the first experience,
troubles I ran into.

1. fuse package gave me some headache when installing KDE. It failed
telling MAKEDEV is not installed (though, it was installed), a reboot and
apt-get update && apt-get upgrade made fuse install properly afterwards,
after that I was able to install KDE (simply logging in again didn't
work!). Or maybe it was fixed that fast by you too .. (didn't check the pkg

2. The KDE Applet for nm is missing as it seems (or not properly named),
and it seemed as if NM was not pre-selected for a KDE installation. Thus,
no network configuration is possible in KDE. What's the strategy of network
managing in Tanglu?

3. NVidia native drivers for some reason make systemd / booting fail. But I
didn't have the guts to debug at 1 am, so I'll push it on the bank for

I'd also like to know about the packaging. Will you rebase on debian
testing often, or will you continue as complete standalone distro (ofc
working together with debian guys)? The question aims on creating different
meta-selections for kde in example (for a proper desktop experience, in
example include the nm applet and include a package manage / software
center as muon or aptitude - whatever the distro finds fitting in the end).

For the rest everything went pretty smooth and I hope I can start checking
on stuff which needs work soon (or so to say by this weekend).

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