Focus of development & import freeze

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Wed Sep 25 01:15:50 EDT 2013

The feature freeze should happen and a release is essential to attract a bunch of volunteers. 
I am looking at tanglu as debian based workstation os (in the long term when there is more support and we have big release cycles) which gives a DE as vanilla as possible with only tangly config included nothing facny.

I hope we dont support click packages etc.

The only suggestion is about including xfce.

We can sync with debian testing for xfce as i don't have time to package it. But i can surely help with its config package and the xdg for xfce. (Reason being gnome does too many changes every release cycle and xfce is simple clean and works out of the box.)

Will there be support for ppa dedicated to tanglu ?

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Subject: Focus of development & import freeze

I think it might make some sense to start to work actively towards the
first Tanglu release now.
Effectively, this means that we need to define the components we want
to ship and the time when we want to stop syncing packages from
Every Debian package sync potentially breaks stuff and requires
adjustments and rebuilds, so it makes some sense to disable the
automatic sync soon, so we can stabilize the current distribution.
This would mean that Tanglu 1.1 ships with GNOME 3.8 and KDE 4.10.
We could of course also delay the auto-sync-freeze, which would result
in newer stuff in the release, but will certainly delay the release.
(Right now, I am not sure if we want that)
There are lots of issues in the archive which need to be fixed before
we can make a release ;-)
Speaking of that, I also think that we can support the release until
the next Tanglu release + 2 months - the small team can't handle
longer support cycles right now (it is boring work, and saying that we
could support a Tanglu release for a longer time would be lying right
Any commends/suggestions/votes on this?
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