Nicer QA pages! Debian import started.

Jackson Doak noskcaj at
Fri Dec 26 21:37:16 EST 2014

Thanks for all the work Matthias.

If anyone in Australia can pay postage, I can provide a server for use as a
build machine, as I am lacking a good enough internet connection to use it.
On 27 Dec 2014 13:14, "Matthias Klumpp" <matthias at> wrote:

> Hello everyone and seasons greetings!
> I sat down for some hours to improve the experience of our QA pages
> and to improve the quality of information these pages expose.
> If you don't know it already: is a central
> resource for information about the Tanglu archive. It is also the
> first place to look if you need an easy task to get started with
> Tanglu development ;-)
> New stuff on the pages includes:
>  * a fresh Bootstrap-based design
>  * nicer visuals for Britney reports
>  * a continuously update broken packages report
>  * a Synchrotron issues report (that one has been available before,
> but it was hidden and not yet issue free - the new report is much
> better)
>  * updated package-watch with some cruft removed
> We already have a few broken packages in chromodoris ;-) (fortunately,
> only minor issues on non-free packages)
> In case you find any issues, please let me know!
> We also started importing packages from Debian Jessie today, so the
> builders will get lots of stuff to process the next weeks.
> Migrations from staging to chromodoris happen unsupervised now and twice a
> day.
> The bartholomea-updates suite is open for uploads now as well, so if
> you have anything which needs to reac our stable release, upload it
> there.
> Unfortunately, we currently only have two fully-working (and one
> semi-broken) package builders at time, so if you have a spare machine
> which we can use to build packages, please let us know!
> I will publish a call for help via tgl-announce in January.
> I am also looking into how we can receive donations for Tanglu in a
> transparent way, and if we could maybe participate in Snowdrift[1] to
> support development.
> Also, all creative ideas on how to get new people interested in Tanglu
> are welcome! Realizing new ideas is much easier now, the thing which
> we need most is manpower
> (development/QA/promotion/website/forum-moderation/etc.).
> That's it for now!
> Enjoy the last days of 2014!
>    Matthias
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