Tanglu archive (almost) stable, Changelogs working, Bugs, Beta3 release published

Matthias Klumpp matthias at tenstral.net
Thu Feb 6 21:07:14 EST 2014

Hello everyone!
I am excited to announce that the Tanglu archive is stable now, which
means every package in there is installable (with only 4 exceptions,
we are working on these).
This was brought to you to a very large extend by Jonno, who did an
awesome job in rebuilding everything in order and planning migrations,
so that we have a great aequore release!
Speaking of which, we have a Beta3 release now! You can get it from
the usual sources, and as soon as I have run a few tests, there will
be an official announcement as well. This means that only one RC lies
between the current state and the final Tanglu 1 release!
If you want to keep track of changes, we have good new for you as
well: With the recent updates to Tanglu, all package managers are now
able to retrieve changelogs for Tanglu packages. Previously,
changelogs only showed up in PackageKit-based tools, or only in stuff
using Apt directly. We now have a very sane solution which supports
Also, the bugtracker has been migrated away from Bugzilla back to
Trac, which scales much better with the large amount of packages in
Tanglu and is easier to maintain for us (see http://bugs.tanglu.org/
So, we now just need the website to get completed and some more work
around the first release - I am not sure if I can do that in-time for
the release, so maybe we might delay it, but if we do that, it will
only be a very small delay (there is some infrastructure work needed,
so we can push updates to the stable distro, which I can't complete in
time - not a super-serious blocker, since we can add that later). We
will definitively release this February.
Also, the PR people should write something about this release we can
publish - we might also create a wiki page to collect stuff to put
into our release notes.
Have fun!

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