Development progress and updated release schedule

john.c at john.c at
Mon Feb 10 19:12:23 EST 2014

Setting the date and time automatically from a time server is not  
possible in a default install, without installing "ntpdate", how many  
users would know what to install, not many.
So I would suggest it is installed by default, as it is in most distros.


Quoting Jon Severinsson <jon at>:

> Hello everyone!
> I'm pleased to tell you that the work towards the first Tanglu release are
> progressing nicely, and the package archive is staring to look like something
> we can release. Barring any unexpected developments all packages should be in
> good shape before week's end.
> Most infrastructure work are also completed, or close to completed,  
> and thanks
> to Mak and Ansgar everything should be in place at the end of the week.
> We are therefore preparing for a release candidate later this week,
> tentatively scheduled for Thursday 13. February, and if no show-stopper turns
> up the release of Tanglu 1 ("aequorea") should follow a week later, on
> Thursday 20. February 2014. The wiki release schedule [1] have been updated
> with these dates.
> Best regards
> Jon Severinsson
> [1]

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