Aw: Re: Evolution rebuild finished and uploaded

Thomas Funk t.funk at
Thu Feb 13 03:24:12 EST 2014

"Matthias Klumpp" <matthias at> wrote:
> Okay, thank you for the new upload!
> A few notes:
>  * Change Maintainer to "Tanglu Developers
> <tanglu-devel-discuss at>"
Ah, a new piece of the packaging mosaic ^^
The Wiki entry how to build packages for Tanglu asumes more and more it's form.

>  * Start changelog entries upper-case,
Normally I do that ... sh** happens :-D

> also don't add a new chagelog
> entry if the previous one was not uploaded
Ah, ok. I was unsure because of the version which should increase normally.
So, I hedged one's bets and increased.

>  * Your dsc file was broken... if referenced a debian.tar.gz file in
> the Files section, but only a debian.tar.xz file was present
>     (was this really generated by a sane debuild?)
It could depend to the fact that I have copied the earlier build with all its
files into my source folder ...
After rebuild I've copied the _source.changes to the result directory.

I have to look over my .pbuilderrc about the used compress method because
every time/mostly two tars of the same file but with different compress methods
are created ...

> Apart from that, the package was good. I did the changes mentioned
> above and sponsored it to staging (which already had 3.10, ...) - you
> should have received mail about this ;-)
> Thank you for your work!
> Cheers,
>     Matthias
You're welcome :-)

One question - I have rebuilt calligra successfully. How should I inform you or Jon
about uploaded rebuilds in general?
- mailinglist
- email to you/Jon


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