Tanglu GNOME RC, RC2 - first impressions

Robert Zelník rzelnik at tvorivo.sk
Sun Feb 16 02:55:35 EST 2014

Hi all,
here are my first impressions and some suggestions from Tanglu GNOME RC
& RC2:

* Start menu Option "Boot from first hard disk" doesn't work as expected
  - it just starts the Boot menu welcome screen again, even if the
    system on the hard disk is well installed.
* The installation process doesn't offer automatic allocation of
  partitions. Do the average desktop users know how to allocate the
  partitions manually?
* Ext2 is default in installation's gparted. Wouldn't be Ext4 better?
* After successfull allocation and formatting the drive in gparted the
  Tanglu installation script requires to format the partitions again.
  This is confusing. So should I skip formatting option in gparted?
  Would be possible to block the formatting option in gparted and use it
  for partition allocation only?
* It would be great to have the "Install Tanglu"
  button in the live system somewhere in the left bar to be easily

Robert Zelnik

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